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"I have discovered the early underground rave scene.  It's over now, I'm hooked!"



deviser, aficionado, multifaceted

It started one night when his two best girlfriends called on a Monday evening to go out, have a few drinks and listen to some cool new music at the Fifth Colvmn nightclub in Washington DC.


As they enter the smoke-filled room, it became quite clear why this place was so talked about.   Unique electric sounds pulsated through the air.  Gyrating, vibrating people dancing on scattered podiums through the main floor.  The music never stopped, it transitioned from one to the next, blended perfectly from one to another creating a three-hour soundtrack of one night.  It was fresh, it was dirty, it was debauchery, it was healthy, it was beautiful, it was hedonistic, it was amazing, it was controlled chaos and his life would never be the same.   CASA later told his friends: "Thank you. I have discovered the underground rave scene.  It's over now, I'm hooked!"


Almost instantly he began looking for this new type of music they called; Rave, house, and Techno.   Catering to Djs Vinyl record stores seemed to have a plethora.  There he met Bobbie, an event organizer, and associate at the record store.  A friendship was formed and the two began arranging Rave & House nights at local clubs and warehouses in DC.  


It began as a hobby, learning to Dj, arrange events, something to experience, create joy, experience new music and have fun all while working as a telecom engineer.  After some years of doing this in Washington DC, continuing in San Diego (moved for work), he ended up moving to Norway through a job he had obtained in Spain.  This was the turning point.  CASA would do this full-time.

After several years of this, working with high-profile artists in the industry arranging numerous events, and working with prominent record labels, it was time to come back home to DC.  It was time to make this official.  He decided to continue his journey by perusing a degree in Audio Engineering and Recording Arts at Full Sail University.


His passion and interest in music and sound are unequal, so as a Dj, Producer, or Sound Engineer he can spend hours listening to music or particular sounds trying to sculpt them to perfection.  There is a driven force obtained through sound but mostly, it comes naturally.  It’s a passion and a love for what he does, music, and the sounds created.

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