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As much as I love audio, I also really enjoy working with video as well, and since I've worked in the nightclub industry for many years working with and learning about lighting was an added bonus. 

So when it came to creating this presentation it came to be slightly easy.  I had to learn a little about the streaming application OBS, I still have a lot to learn with this but that will come through experience as I intend to do many more.  

The set-up was quite simple.  I made sure I had decent lighting, went through my Keynote presentation a few times, practiced, and searched through quality videos to use.  

Although because of the situation we could not do a live presentation, going through the set-up process and imagining it in my head a few times worked pretty well.   Verifying that the connections and direction of traffic would work in real life was also key.



A Kaleidoscope Of Bleeps (Radio Edit)
Project and Portfolio III:
Recording Arts Composition

Composed by: Wilge Claure
Instrumentals: Wilge Claure
Recorded By: Wilge Claure
Mixing Engineer: Wilge Claure

Wilge Claure (aka CASA NU3VA)



Sun City Riot - Running Out (pre-mastering)
Project and Portfolio IV:
Recording Arts Mix Engineering

Composed by: Sun City Riot
Instrumentals: Sun City Riot
Recorded By: Unknown
Mixing Engineer: Wilge Claure

Wilge Claure (aka CASA NU3VA)

ABOUT THE MIX - Sun City Riot - Running Out (Pre- Mastered) 
Musically the tracks that were given to me sounded nice a raw.  Although a few parts needed adjustments, like timing issues, some tuning and equlaizing to clean up and remove interfering frequencies.  After listening a few times and a some editing, the bass told me to go a little dirty but overall a nice clean sound with minimal emphasis on effects.  This was just for a few occasions when I felt the lead vocalist need to let everyone know how important time was and that it was truly Running Out!   The drums got a little punchier, I looked at the brightness of the vocals and lead guitars, the groove of the rhythm guitars and the dirty side of the bass.  Twoards the end I wanted the solo to have a little concert feeling.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed mixing it.

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